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Secondary School Student Music Classes

Pathways to Music Classes for Secondary School Students


We believe there are many pathways to a quality music education for Secondary School students. We offer a comprehensive variety of options including private tuition in voice, piano and strings as well as musicianship and ensemble classes. Every student is unique and their music education should be approached as such. We get to know every student on a personal level and each lesson is completely tailored to their interest, level and ability.

For music lessons to translate into a genuine passion, they need to be engaging and inspiring, which is why we ensure our highly accomplished teachers are the best of the best. Not only do they know how to transfer their technical knowledge and experience to the next generation, but their passion for what they do and heart-felt care for each and every student’s musical journey allows them to deeply connect and relate to their students. Because of this, our students look forward to each lesson, learning easily and quickly developing their skills to become capable and confident musicians.

Music Lessons for Secondary School Students
Music Lessons for Secondary School Students
Music Lessons for Secondary School Students

Why Choose Pathways to Music for your Secondary School Aged Child?

There’s no need to miss any school or be out late during the week with our convenient Saturday classes

We foster a genuine lifelong love of music in our students

Our students are always in safe hands – we provide adult supervision for them if they have a break between classes

Our classes and lessons complement school music programs perfectly, enhancing students’ learning

Our classes are structured so that the whole family can learn music at the same time

A well-rounded approach

A well-rounded approach

At Pathways to Music we believe that if you take a well-rounded approach to music education your skills will develop faster, fostering a stronger passion for and interest in music. We have a three-faceted class approach to ensure students receive a true appreciation and understanding of music. This involves individual private lessons to hone technical skills, ensemble classes to learn to play alongside other musicians to produce the right sound and musicianship classes to truly understand how music works. Because we cater for everyone – from infancy to adulthood and from beginner to advanced – the whole family can engage in Pathways to Music classes. We also provide care for students and make sure they are safe and happy if they have a break between classes.

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Sibling/Parent discount:

When more than one person from the same immediate family (ie parent or sibling) is enrolled in Pathways to Music, full fees are paid for the first person and a 10% discount is applied on the total fees for each additional person.

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