The Pathways to Music Musicianship Program


Pathways to Music is committed to the holistic musical development of all of our students. The expansion of the musical mind is the most important aspect of music education, and the key component in that process is the ongoing development of Musicianship. The Pathways to Music Musicianship Program is a sequential music education program based on the revolutionary work of Zoltán Kodály which strives to balance technical knowledge with the capacity for understanding through audiation (inner hearing).

In our Musicianship Classes, students come together in a group to learn how music works: how to read, write, perform and create music. They learn this through engaging wholly in music making, using their voices and bodies. Musical literacy is a key component of this process and students who participate in our Musicianship Classes not only become better music readers but also understand music, theoretically and practically, in a much more sophisticated manner.

It wouldn’t feel like Saturday without clapping, tapping, singing and laughing our way through the morning.

“I have been coming to musicianship classes for two years now. I look forward to coming to Kate’s class on Saturday mornings and love the way she is able to accommodate all levels of skills and knowledge in her class. It wouldn’t feel like Saturday without clapping, tapping, singing and laughing our way through the morning.”

Anne-Marie  Adult Student

Our Teachers: Susan Creese

Susan Creese is currently the Primary Music Coordinator (P-6) at St Peters Lutheran College Indooroopilly, Brisbane. She has taught music to students of all ages, from newborn babies to adult learners and has recently specialised in designing and implementing Primary Music programs that are inspired by Kodály’s educational philosophies within P-12 schools. Susan holds a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Queensland, and a Master of Arts degree in Kodály Music Pedagogy from the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy in Hungary. She is the current National Secretary of the National Council of the Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia. Susan has a passion for teacher training and development and has worked as a clinician and lecturer in musicianship, choral conducting and methodology across Australia.

Kristen Brown

Kristen Brown is a highly regarded classroom music specialist and private piano teacher and accompanist with 20 years experience.  A graduate of the University of Queensland (Bachelor of Music (Honours) – Piano performance and pedagogy/ Bachelor of Education – Primary/Secondary Classroom Music), Kristen has experience teaching classroom music and conducting choirs in a sequential aural approach from early childhood to adulthood. Kristen enjoys sharing her passion and energy with the students and families of her Musicianship classes.

“Musicianship classes are the best way for me to improve my own skills, and to help me prepare for my own classroom teaching. The practical classes are so relevant and I enjoy every lesson!”

Amy  Adult Student

Classes for Children and
Adults Available

We offer Musicianship Classes for Primary and Secondary School students and adults. Our expert teachers cater for all experience levels from beginner to advanced, and each student will be carefully placed within a suitable class.

Our beginner and intermediate Musicianship Classes help students to develop an innate understanding of music that will help them to become more skilled, intuitive and knowledgeable musicians. Our advanced Musicianship Classes provide a pathway for the development of aural musicianship for tertiary students, studio teachers, classroom music teachers and conductors.

Why choose the Pathways to Musicianship Classes?

We help students to form a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of music

We offer classes for everyone, from Primary School to adulthood and beginner to advanced

Our classes combine perfectly with private lessons and ensemble classes to develop students as whole musicians

Our program develops knowledge and understanding of music using a hands-on, practical approach

We make music learning joyful, fun and rewarding

“I am a 71 year old who (55 years ago!) reached a Grade 6 level in Music piano and theory and thought I knew it all … I didn’t!!

The teaching method back then was simple. You learnt everything by rote. Asking “why?” was severely discouraged. The new world that opened up to me through the Kodály Musicianship Class led by Carla Trott was amazing, informative and great fun. Learning to “hear” notes in your head, memory training through listening and singing, questions answered through individual exploration and fun – and through it all, the development of real understanding. It’s a “MUST DO” if you want a full musical experience that leaves you with a smile on your dial… I’ll be back next year!”

Sharyn  Adult Student

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New term start dates for all lessons and classes can be found in FAQs. Private Tuition and Musicianship attendance can commence at any time during the term. All pricing shown is per eight week term.

Sibling/parent discount:
When more than one person from the same immediate family (ie parent or sibling) is enrolled in Pathways to Music, full fees are paid for the first person and a 10% discount is applied on the total fees for each additional person.