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Our guitar program fosters the holistic development of technical skills alongside a genuine connection to music. Our expert teachers ensure development of both the technical and artistic aspects of guitar performance, offering an enriching experience that will stay with students for a lifetime. Students can explore a range of genres and styles, from Rock and Pop to Classical. Each lesson is tailored to students’ needs and interests, and all lessons cover technical guitar skills, music reading, theoretical concepts and expression. Students explore songs of their choice, and can even develop their compositional skills by writing their own music in lessons. We cater for all capabilities and experience levels, and offer tuition for primary and secondary school students, and adults.

Our teachers: Kristle Skennar

Kristle Skennar is an experienced teacher and musician. She holds a Bachelor of Music and Education, and has fifteen years of experience as a Guitar teacher. She has performed in a number of musical groups ranging from classical ensembles to rock bands, at venues including the Sydney Opera house and such events as the Opening Ceremony for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Kristle tailors each student’s lesson to their individual interests, teaching all genres of music, as well as assisting students in composing their own musical works.

Why choose the Pathways to Music Guitar Program?

Our expert teachers intuitively tailor lessons to each student’s age, capabilities and interests

Our teachers are highly trained and experienced musicians who are deeply committed to holistic music education

Our program develops technical guitar skills and knowledge while fostering a love of music

Students can learn everything from playing guitar by ear, to reading music, to preparing for formal music exams

We make learning the guitar joyful, fun and rewarding

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New term start dates for Ensemble and Musicianship Classes are in our FAQs. Private Tuition can commence at any time during the term. All pricing shown is per eight week term.

Sibling/parent discount: When more than one person from the same immediate family (i.e. parent or sibling) is enrolled in Pathways to Music, full fees are paid for the first person and a 10% discount is applied on the total fees for each additional person.