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How can I get in touch with you?

You can email or give our Senior Administrator Hayley a call on (07) 3180 0066. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Where are Pathways to Music lessons and classes held?

At St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School, 11 Ruthven St, Corinda. We are based in the Christine Hartland Centre which is on the corner of Kathleen Street and Aidan’s Way. Walk up the path from the carpark and you’ll see our sign at the entrance on your right. Come on in and meet us at the reception desk!

When does Pathways to Music run?

We run every week for eight weeks per term, on Saturdays. We also run adult musicianship classes on Monday evenings. Our term dates for 2020 are:

Term 1: 1 February – 21 March

Term 2: 18 April – 13 June (no classes 25 April)

Term 3: 25 July – 12 September

Term 4: 10 October – 28 November

What are the current class times?

The current timetable as at January 2020 is as follows:


Early Childhood Music (0-1.5 years): 8.45am – 9.15am (class run through Hush Little Baby)
Early Childhood Music (1.5-3 years): 9.20am – 9.50am (class run through Hush Little Baby)
Children’s Musicianship (3-5 years): 9am – 9.45am
Children’s Musicianship (5-7 years): 9am – 9.45am
Children’s Musicianship (8-11 years): 10am – 10.55am
Adult Intermediate Musicianship: 10:30am – 11:30pm
Adult Advanced Musicianship: 10am – 11am

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes! When more than one person from the same immediate family (ie a parent or sibling) is enrolled in Pathways to Music, full fees are paid for the first person and a 10% discount is applied on the total fees for each additional person.

How do I know which classes to choose?

We have lots of options for classes! If you are not quite sure what the right combination of classes for you or your child is, please give us a call on (07) 3180 0066 or email and we can help you out.

Is it ok if my child moves around during Early Childhood classes?

We love that the babies, toddlers and preschoolers in our classes are sometimes so excited that they can’t keep still, and the classes are designed to encourage movement and mobility.

The safety of all children in the class is of utmost importance, and we ask caregivers to actively supervise their children to ensure they are not in harm’s way, and that they are not causing harm to others in the class.

We are very happy for your little one to move around during class, and simply ask that you ensure that they are safe, using ‘gentle hands’ and allowing others to participate in the class without disruption.

Can I take photos/video of my child in class?

There are so many beautiful moments in our lessons and classes. We understand that sometimes it is important to document these special times and we welcome you to take photographs and videos of your children in our music classes. If you feel like sharing these on our Facebook page, or by tagging us on Instagram, we invite you to do so as well, but we will never take or share images or video of your child without your express permission.

We also ask that when photographing/videoing your child that you do so at close range in order to ensure that only your child is in the picture. We do not allow the photography/videoing of any children other than your own in our classes. Please ensure that all other visitors to our classes (such as aunties, uncles, grandparents and friends) are aware of this policy.

What if I am/my child is unwell and not able to attend Pathways to Music?

In the event of an illness or injury which will prevent attendance at private lessons, and where at least 24 hours’ notice is given, your teacher will endeavour to make up this lesson time at a later date. While some teachers may offer a maximum of one makeup lesson per term, all make-up lessons must be negotiated with the teacher concerned, and the final decision to offer a make-up lesson rests with the individual teacher.

In the event that a lesson is missed for any other reason than illness/injury, or if 24 hours’ notice is not given, the lesson will be forfeited and the teacher is not required to make up this lesson at a later date. The weekly fee guarantees a weekly lesson time and therefore will not be refunded in the case of absence.

In the case of missed Early Childhood classes, you can attend a make-up class on an alternate day (our affiliates, Hush Little Baby run classes on Mondays at the same venue as Pathways to Music).

How do I pay my fees?

All fees are to be paid at the beginning of each term or before commencing a course if enrolling mid-term. Fees for all courses can be paid via the following options:

Our Online Shop – click here

Direct Debit
Account name: Pathways to Music
BSB – 114-879
Acc – 423 699 706

Credit Card – Please contact the office directly on (07) 3180 0066.

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