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babies and toddlers playing games in a Brisbane early childhood music class

Pathways to Music Early Childhood Music Classes


Our classes are for children aged 0 to 5 and their caregivers. The classes involve age-appropriate songs, games, rhymes, fingerplays, lullabies, dancing and stories. There will be lots of singing – our fundamental philosophy is that the voice should be the first and primary instrument used in early childhood music education.

There will also be lots of learning through play as children explore musical concepts of pitch (high and low), dynamics (loud and soft), tempo (fast and slow), rhythm and beat as well as developing in-tune singing. These activities are designed to facilitate social and emotional development as well as assisting with motor skills and language acquisition. The primary aim, however, is to foster a love of music in the children and to give adults in the classes more ideas for interaction and play at home.

babies playing with egg shakers in Brisbane baby and toddler music class
children and teacher playing music games in music class for children in Brisbane
babies and mums playing with scarves in Brisbane music class

Why Choose the Pathways to Music Early Childhood Program?

Our teachers are experts in early childhood music education

Children love engaging in fun, play-based learning in our classes

Families love bonding with their children in our classes

Our Saturday morning classes fit in well with busy schedules

We foster a genuine lifelong love of music in children

Our teachers: Jennifer Teh

Jennifer Teh is the Founding Director of Hush Little Baby Early Childhood Music Classes and the Director of Pathways to Music. She strongly believes that music and singing should be a part of every child’s life. Jennifer has taught everything from primary, high school and tertiary music, directed choirs, presented workshops, written papers for national and international conferences and symposia in music education and carved out a career as a professional live and studio singer and vocal coach. Jennifer is passionate about ensuring that music should belong to everyone, from infancy to adulthood, and loves sharing that passion with the families in her Early Childhood classes.

Kindy children moving to music in a Brisbane music class
Brisbane babies and their parents playing games with scarves in a music class
Kindy children and their teacher moving their bodies in a Brisbane music class

“Luke really enjoys singing and playing musical games every week at do-re-mi. He loves his teacher Debbie, and has made some great friends too.”

Katherine  Parent

parents and babies having fun, singing row row row your boat in a Brisbane music class
Children dancing with ribbons in a Brisbane music class
parents and babies enjoying Brisbane early childhood music classes with their teacher

“Freya absolutely loves coming to music every week. We sing the songs at home too!”

Sarah  Parent

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Please note that 0-3 years classes are run under the banner of Hush Little Baby Early Childhood Music Classes.

Sibling/parent discount:
When more than one person from the same immediate family (i.e. parent or sibling) is enrolled in Pathways to Music, full fees are paid for the first person and a 10% discount is applied on the total fees for each additional person.

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