Pathways to Music is dedicated to providing world-class music education to students at all stages of life and experience level.

From early childhood, to primary and secondary school students, to adults and professionals, we believe music should belong to everyone, and it is never too early or late to start.

What sets us apart are our four key pillars: Excellence in Teaching, Holistic Class Structure, Connection to the Music (Not the Grades) and Convenient Classes to Fit In With Your Life.

Excellence in Teaching:

We are committed to providing highly accomplished nationally and internationally renowned teachers with extensive education and experience in their fields. These teachers not only know how to transfer their technical expertise to the next generation, but their passion and heart-felt care for what they do allows them to connect and relate to each student.

Holistic Class Structure

We believe that if you take a well-rounded approach to music education your skills will develop faster, fostering a stronger passion for and interest in music. We have a three-faceted class approach to ensure students receive a true appreciation and understanding of music. This involves individual private lessons to hone technical skills, ensemble classes to learn to work together to produce the right sound and musicianship classes to truly understand how music works.

Connection to the Music


We’re different to many music education providers in that we don’t just focus on technically accurate playing. We believe that there is a huge difference between going through the motions and playing a piece of music off of a page, compared to playing from your heart with passion and love. For this reason we don’t measure our success on whether you’ve jumped through the grades, but instead how deeply you’re connected to and understand music.

Many of our students to undertake formal music exams and auditions, but that isn’t the primary focus. We want our students to appreciate the journey and not just the destination and carry their connection to music within them for a lifetime, forever enriching their lives and the lives of those around them in a profound way.

Convenient Classes to Fit In With Your Life:

Conveniently located at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School in Corinda, we are only 12 minutes from Brisbane CBD and have ample free parking. We uniquely have the majority of our classes on Saturdays, so you don’t have to worry about taking children out of school, clashes with work schedules or racing around on weekday evenings. All of your family’s music learning needs can be catered for on the one day, streamlining your life! Also, you can be assured that your children are in safe hands at all times, as we provide care for them if they have a break between lessons and classes.

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