We believe music should belong to everyone.


Early Childhood

Give your baby, toddler or preschooler the life-changing gift of music.

Not only are music classes a lot of fun, but they make for smarter children! Foster social awareness, intelligence, empathy, language development, motor skills, confidence, and so much more.

Primary School

Do you have a budding violinist, pianist or vocalist waiting to be discovered?

Ages 6-11 are the perfect time to ensure your child develops as an all-rounder and discovers hidden passions. We ensure our classes and teachers are engaging so you won’t have to drag your kids to class!

High School

When you know your child is passionate about learning their musical instrument, you want to find the best possible teachers.

At ages 12-17, academic progress is a high priority and you want a solution that won’t take them out of their regular classes. That’s why our Saturday classes are so great.


Whether you are picking up an instrument for the first time or are at a professional level, Pathways is for you.

We know you’re busy, so we structure our classes to fit in with your lifestyle. You’ll love our world-class teachers

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Our Teachers

We pride ourselves on providing renowned, highly accomplished teachers

Why we are Brisbane’s leading music school

We only employ Brisbane’s highest quality music teachers who are renowned in their fields.

We offer a holistic approach to music education that creates better musicians.

We believe in fostering a genuine connection to music, not just the grades.

We uniquely offer the convenience of Saturday classes to fit in with your life and ample parking.

We offer outstanding professional development opportunities for music educators.

Our Holistic Approach


We encourage students to expand their knowledge and appreciation of music through a combination of Individual Tuition, Ensemble Lessons and Musicianship Classes.

We offer packaged deals with great savings for students and parents who believe in taking a more holistic approach like we do.

“I ‘learnt’ piano as a child, and walked away from that experience believing that I could not, and would not, ever be able to play. Nearly 40 years later, I found the courage to embrace my dream and started lessons with Mark Hooper after watching how amazing he is with our girls.

He’s patient when he needs to be, and firm when he needs to be, knowing seemingly instinctively what we need and when. It’s now a family affair; even my husband has started lessons too! Saturday mornings are my favourite day of the week, and I’m ever so grateful for Mark’s encouragement as I endeavour to find some ‘me’ time in this crazy busy world.”

Gill  Student